Characters to roll by.

A Myriad of characters ranging from fiery alchemists to noble paladins. The world of dungeons and dragons is as versatile as the players who bring it to life, alot of my work so far has involved breathing life into characters people have taken time to craft and mold, characters which have evolved with each story into complex beings or characters fresh to the table. I want to capture what you want from your character and portray them in a way that the you the player can be proud of.

Now I’ve only been playing D&D for maybe two years now? My very first campaign was the AL Curse of Strahd and I still have super fond memories of that first scenario in the Death House. But the people I’ve met through adventures league at Fan Boy 3 -If you live in the Manchester area I strongly advise checking it out- and the stories to come from those adventures have had a really possitive impact on me personally. I’ve made some great friends who are absolutely amazing people and I’ve played in some fantastic stories, to say it’s been a pleasure would be doing it an injustice really. It has helped me overcome alot of my social issues, I mean I can talk to strangers now which two years ago you wouldn’t see me doing and I know for a lot of people it’s a fantastic way to express themselves or build confidence and seeing that come through is a wonderful thing to experience. But to cut this little story short, dungeons and dragons has become a lovable little hobby (ok maybe obsession)  of mine, so being able to draw peoples characters for campaigns is an absolute pleasure.

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