Kid Evil – A procrastinators journey through creating a Web Comic.

Ah, Kid Evil. My end of year University project. I remember you well. I wont lie, I absolutely adore the concept I came up with behind this series. A kid born into a super power family but subsequently has no powers, with his family away fighting crime all the time Kid turns to the role of the villain in an attempt to beat his parents into early retirement. It’s by no means original, it’s not especially flashy but I believe it has enough promise to become something tangable. So that’s what I’m going to achieve. (hopefully)

Kid Evil is at its heart an almost parody of super hero comics, you have super villains with super cheesy names and heroes in spandex. But what you’ll see it focus on is how Kids homelife has effected his outlook on things, how he feels almost as if he doesn’t fit in at home due to how different he is from the rest of his family. You’ll see his love for his family and his love for his friends. Tabby and Jack are Kids rock throughout the series, they all have their own problems and support each other through them. This probably stems alot from my own experiences growing up, I couldn’t really look to my parents for help or I just out right didn’t want to but it was my friends whom I confided in or looked to just for a nice distraction who definately got me through my highschool years.

This Blog is to record Kid Evil’s progress from start to end and hopefully keep me on track and not side line it like so many other personal projects of mine. It already has a facebook page you can follow. Hopefully we can all enjoy the finished result eh?

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